Practice Development for Medical Expert Witnesses
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Articles about marketing and operating your forensic practice.

Meta and Micro.

Speaking “Lawyer” Speaking “Doctor”

Three articles about what we’ve learned from attorneys that you need to know.

“Do it like a lawyer.”  How lawyers run their operations and what you can learn from them.

“Translate Medicine, Apply it to Law, Begin a Conversation with Attorneys.” The importance of bridging gaps between what attorneys think they understand about your area of medicine. 

“Case Management: The Gift that Keeps on Giving.”  A smooth system for tracking and moving your cases along reduces stress, improves your mental health, and builds your reputation for sound business practices.  Additional benefits accompany best practices, like invoicing so you’re more likely to be paid.

What should I charge?

How much should you charge for your services? The most frequently asked question. Let’s explore the options.

Make a Long Term Plan for a Lifelong Career with a Medicolegal Practice

Let’s make one. This article talks about forensic practice and the long game. 50% of your income from forensic work? Out of a salaried forensic psych job? An impressive reputation with legal eagles? Anything and everything.

Preparing for Testimony

What do you broadcast?

On the stand, your personal and presentation drives the respect your opinions receive.
How do you prepare for juror bias?

“Is Google God?”

Google holds most of the playing cards for doctors being found online. Understand how Google works and what you can do to make your name more visible. Better traffic to your website is just one piece.

Nuts and Bolts: Running Your Practice

“Nuts and Bolts” addresses everyday techniques to engage attorneys. It encourages repeat business, and generally makes your practice more efficient and your bottom line shinier.

Building a Reputation and Goodwill Along the Way

How you operate speaks volumes about your integrity, and can define a reputation. “Goodwill” is the sound relationship you have with your clients.  It isn’t conferred from the heavens. You make it happen.

You Need a Website and Here’s Why

Your website functions differently than you might think.  Its purpose reaches well beyond a standard “introduction.”

Learn What Works: Website Wins and Fails

The websites of your colleagues/competitors routinely reflect the same mistakes over and over. Be better and, frankly, you’re more likely to get calls.

When is an Expert Witness Needed? Case Study: Forensic Psychiatrist or Psychologist? Expand Your Horizons.

An article for psychiatrists and psychologists already doing forensic or expert witness work.  Let’s think outside the box to determine more types of work you may not know require your qualifications.