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For 20 years Beryl Vaughan was captivated by law, working for San Francisco powerhouse law firms like Howard, Rice (now Arnold Porter),  and renowned boutique firms Sideman & Bancroft, Green Radovsky, Maloney and Share, and Dinkelspiel, Donovan & Reder (she is not an attorney).  High profile clients in the arts, film, and finance made the work all the more interesting.  Working with Expert Witnesses, particularly in Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, provoked a compelling new interest and launched her Expert Witness Practice Development Consultancy.

Forensic Psychiatry–Behind the Scenes 

In 2007 Beryl began work with Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. & Associates – a veteran Forensic Psychiatrist, helping to manage and market the practice. Dr. Raffle was an excellent mentor and the more she learned about Forensic Psychiatry, the more interesting it became.

More Work for Expert Witnesses in Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology

In 2017 Ms. Vaughan began ForensicExpertPro, a private consultancy in the area of marketing and best-practices in business management to Forensic Psychiatrists, Forensic Psychologists, and uniquely qualified experts in associated mental health fields.

Education and Background

Ms. Vaughan received two Bachelor of Art Degrees Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Women’s Studies. She received a post-graduate Teaching Credential in Secondary Education. She has also conducted research on impact of liberal arts education on women-owned small businesses.

Ms. Vaughan’s interests include photography and digital art.  She lives in San Rafael, California, and clients are across the US.

Beryl Vaughan

Beryl Vaughan



Cases circle the negotiating table or go to Court, usually in that sequence.

Whatever the outcome, everyone benefits from a more thorough understanding of what the jury will learn.

Attorneys need to find Experts that can shed that light.

Many attorneys don’t know how to find a Forensic Psychiatrist or Psychologist or even how to describe what they need in their search.

Attorneys tell me there are more cases than qualified experts in Psychiatry and Psychology. The doctors tell me they don’t have enough cases or the right kind of cases.

That’s fixable.

Sanjay Adhia, M.D.

Endorsement Testimonial of Beryl Vaughan by Sanjay Adhia MD Forensic Psychiatrist

The first year Ms. Vaughan set a marketing plan and my forensic income quadrupled. My income in the first half of this year is already equal to all of 2018 and I expect my practice will continue to thrive as a result of Ms. Vaughan’s expertise. My practice can no longer be considered a side-gig.

Sanjay Adhia, M.D.

Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.

Beryl Vaughan is endorsed for 50% increase in income to Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. Forensic Psychiatrist

Ms. Vaughan tailored a marketing strategy to the needs of my clientele. Many potential clients were “pre-sold” on retaining me as a result of her techniques. My billable forensic hours increased more than 50%. She developed a highly successful website. Ms. Vaughan has unusually diverse skills and developed practice procedures which improved efficiency and results.

Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist, Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. & Associates

I work with Forensic Consultants and Expert Witnesses across the US.

Experts in Medicine, with a special background in Mental Health fields, are the majority of my clients, and the occasional financier and attorney.


We work together closely so you can own with pride how you are perceived. 

The Highest Standards of Professional Conduct 

I am a supporter of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law and donor to the AIER. I am committed to the practice of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology at the highest level of ethical and professional practice.

I only accept clients who take these values as seriously as I do.


Confirmed results:

Growth in billable forensic hours and cases, maintained year after year, even if an existing client base fluctuates.

Almost all clients report at least a three-fold increase in calls from those seeking their services such as attorneys (private, military and DAs) or employers (e.g. FFD, TA).

Whether a 20% increase in billable hours or 300%, my clients report my strategies produce income and expand their professional reputation.

The People Have Spoken

The website of a forensic expert is very different from a garden-variety site and it is crucial to get it right. Material on the site must always be defensible on the stand, and meet the highest professional ethical standards. Premier website content and design consistently produce more cases for my clients.

Attorneys have given firsthand feedback about how well a site communicates about the expert, and ease of use. We'll send you an example--just ask.


Ranking High

Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists are specialists, often practicing in a niche. They can be hard to find. "Googling" is the #1 way attorneys look for experts.

1st and 2nd page results for their website are reported by our clients. Further, we know that being on page 4 is just fine if you're the very first bona fide expert in your field to be listed. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for forensic experts impact Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking. (Check out the Glossary)


We develop bios, experience profiles, and graphics. These are  developed specifically to the marketing platforms we recommend --because they are known hunting grounds where attorneys find experts.

New work, the old-fashioned way

Your existing clients can be your best resource.  We help you generate repeat business with real world, personal connection methods to invigorate your dormant relationships with attorneys.

Practice Methods that Attorneys Appreciate

Repeat business, goodwill, and attorney loyalty is promoted by a case management system and best business practices in med-legal. We work with you to develop business practices that improve your client relationships and work smarter.


Internet = Lifeblood

Attorneys tell my clients (and me) firsthand: 90% of new attorney inquiries originated from the internet.

Do you know the most effective and client-rich environments? I guide my clients in the thoughtful use of Expert Witness Directories, and free online platforms to communicate with attorneys.

My clients tell us about the financial benefits they enjoy supported by the free online advertising we know works.  Not just any advertising: Expert Witness promotion. It's more conservative and specific. 

Websites are Like Books

Check your name online. Can you find your phone number, address and the basics of your practice? Vitals, WebMD and the NPI database should not be the only source for attorneys.

Do you have a website and, if so, is it showing up?  Many clients have no website and their phone number cannot even be found online.

Others have sites that are simply not helpful to attorneys or visually unappealing. (Hint, font that's too small to read is ubiquitous and fixable.)

If your site isn't helping get you cases, it isn't doing its job.

Teaching You to Teach Attorneys What They Want to Know

Writing and speaking are excellent forms of public education. In person or online, Attorneys enjoy learning what you have to say, once we identify the intersection of law with your expertise. We pinpoint in-person outreach you can make to your local legal community. 

Writing topics that resonate with attorneys makes them want to know more. We guide you with focused and strategic content topics for a legal reader. For example, one client of mine is an expert in non-traditional families; I identified a niche for attorneys to understand atypical loss of consortium.  Another is Board-Certified in 3 medical specialties. We showcased his expertise with fascinating case studies where overlapping expertise was necessary in a complex competency to stand trial case.  


Sideman & Bancroft; Arnold & Porter; Dudnick, Detwiler, Rivin & Stikker, LLP; Greene, Radovsky; Shartsis Friese. Case Manager and Paralegal. Special experience in probate litigation, personal injury, estates, trusts, and tax, civil litigation, real estate, contracts.

Additional skills

Digital Photography and graphic design mastery with Photoshop, video and audio software. Research guru: Data-mining. Training. Educator.  Bona fides can be found in my CV.


BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Women’s Studies.

California State Secondary Education Teaching Credential.  San Francisco State University.

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