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Marketing the

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Legal case management.



30+ years

Business development in law and forensic practice

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Beryl Vaughan

Beryl Vaughan


ForensicExpertPro is the brainchild of marketing whiz Beryl Vaughan. Applying her skill to the expert witness practice is the perfect marriage of her decades of experience managing both marketing and litigation in law firms and the practices of forensic experts.  She is a collaborator and investigator by nature.  Ms. Vaughan is bilingual in law-speak and expert-speak.

Ms. Vaughan feels strongly that justice is best served when smart people do their best.



Welcome! I’ve packed this website with information to answer questions and stir up your ambitions.

My clients are all over the country, which feels a little like my job involves travel–which I love.  I get to pretend I’m in Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and anywhere my clients practice.  Every second I don’t spend on my work or my family, I spend on hold (or so it seems–mostly so someone else doesn’t have to.) I’m an accomplished photographer, painter, and graphic artist, computer nerd, and attorney whisperer.  I was raised on solid mid-century modern design, political discourse, and piercing critical analysis of the facts.  Education is a priority I bring to my business. My children are preceded by a Sociologist, an Architect, Political Scientist, 3 teachers, 2 Journalists, 3 authors, and a marketing consultant. –Beryl 


Expert Witnesses are Educators First.

Education is a Marketing Tool.

Forensic Practice is a Business, and that’s not a dirty word.

Integrity of character and business builds a reputation and a career.

Expert Opinions are objective no matter the outcome.

Marketing starts with what attorneys want to know about you.



We help Forensic Experts:

Get the word out about your practice.

Be easy to find. Easy to understand. Easy to retain.  At least 5 key platforms assist. Keep reading.

Communicate your knowledge, personality, and skill to pre-filter clients before you receive the first call.

Attract attorney calls and, thus, work.

Boost your bottom line with effective choices and training.  Spend less time on a learning curve.



If the function is to get more work, the form is curating marketing resources that reflect your practice and personality.  High-functioning options:

Your website is crafted for your potential attorney-clients. This isn’t intuitive; it’s based on experience.

Expert witness directories and referral services can be right for you if they are selected cost-effectively, and based on performance.

Social media, to be easier to find.

Public speaking and multi-media presentations for exposure and as an audition for forensic work.

Personal outreach, real-life relationships with attorneys.

These are the backbone of getting expert witness work.  There are more than 5, but these are a first focus.  The devil is in the details.




A bio or profile posted online is more powerful when it answers questions, rather than raising them.

Your website design speaks to your potential client by drawing on experience about what works.

Translation is essential. Attorneys who seek you may each speak a different “search” language to find someone like you. Civil litigation attorneys use different methods than a Probate attorney, for example.  Everyone should find something that seems written just for them.

We help experts write in plain English, or plain Lawyer-Speak, so your clients won’t have to work as hard to understand.