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Attorney whisperer Beryl Vaughan applies her skill to expanding an expert witness practice. Her background is the perfect marriage of decades of experience in the legal field and forensic practice marketing.


12 years

Consulting with Forensic Experts to build and enhance a Reputable and Profitable Business. Special experience in Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology.


20 years

Lawyer-wrangling, case-wrangling.


30 years

Business development and Practice Management. Best practices. Return on Investment. Profitability. Efficiency and Hassle-reduction.

Secret Sauce

High Functioning Options

7 fundamentals of a marketing strategy for a forensic expert witness.   

Introduce Yourself to Attorneys
Attorneys sift the internet for a professional whose expertise speaks to the case. We educate attorneys about each Expert so the attorney makes an informed first call to someone appropriately qualified for the case at hand.

Don’t make assumptions about what attorneys know.

Website: Attorney-Centric
Most forensic experts, especially in psychiatry and psychology, don’t have websites.  If you’re impossible to find, you’re impossible to retain. If your website speaks to attorneys specifically, the path between expert and retention is shortened. Working with you to define website content to that end is the #1 skill we bring to our client’s marketing strategy.

A website is 100% your own, you control communication of your expertise, and it’s working for you 24 hours a day. There’s no better resourceMore

Content is Everywhere
Content=communication: writing articles, case studies, social media posts, video, interviews, audio, webinars all can explain to attorneys about what you know, the quality of your presentation, and skill in your field.  We help you develop content suited to its purpose and platform.

Engaging attorneys is easy when content clarifies what you know–about what’s important to them.

Expert Directories and Referral Services

$0 – $$$$

Expert referral services or directories are widely used by attorneys because they can  search by specialty and spot-on expertise.  Drawing on over a decade of experience with such services, we help our clients understand how they work, and if appropriate, select based on your practice goals, with an eye to your bottom line.

Spend your money wisely for maximum Return on Investment.

Social Media: Used Judiciously
Social media enlarges your online footprint. We help you understand the options and navigate for best effect.  If indicated, we make dedicated Social Media accounts for our clients’ professional practice.

Presentations and Multi-Media
Public speaking and multi-media presentations are powerful when topic and audience serve the marketing goal.  We help our clients identify target clients and the pursue these opportunities to improve your visibility, communicate your expertise, and use it to audition for forensic work.


In Real Life

Personal outreach builds real-life relationships with attorneys. A meeting, a call, personal emails (not mailings), seminars, attending mutually interesting events.  There’s a reason Personal Outreach is last on this list. Everything above lays the groundwork. The goal is for attorneys to find the path to you both smooth and distinct from other experts.

There’s no substitute for human contact.

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