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Great Ideas, Ready to Go!

By Beryl Vaughan

  1. Easy Data: File Folder cheat sheet to save time and stay on track
  2. Email Signature Block
  3. Domain name that’s easy to type 
  4. Post, Post, Post 
  5. Freebies
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File Checklist – Data Driver

On the inside of your new case file, consider keeping a checklist and reference. I prefer making a label because I use a template and can easily stick it on the folder. 

Useful information to include

Client name and address

Client phone

Source of referral to you (!! this is the most valuable marketing data you can collect)

A checklist of stages and deadlines (e.g. obtain records, expert disclosure, discover closure, expectation of a trial date)

Contact person at the law firm who can tell me what I need–usually a paralegal or admin. assistant.  Get to know these folks on a first name basis and you’ll have a much better chance of getting your answers quickly–like setting a deposition suited to your schedule!

Email Signature

Establish an email signature for your business email. Make it simple to reach you! 

Joe or Jane Doe, Ph.D.
Board-Certified, Forensic Psychology, ABPP
(123) 456-7891 [make it a clickable link]

123 Park Blvd. City, State, Zip
Recognizable City Area

Social Links (optional)

Domain name


“Psychiatrist or Psychologist + Forensic + Expert + Witness +++++” The profession comes with so many letters and requires better typing and spelling skill than your average bear.

Available domain names are slim if you stick with the obvious–I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the owner of to sell to me for years!

Most forensic professionals use their entire name, Drjoesjameschmoephd. It’s hard to remember and hard to type.

Workaround: Think outside the box or consider a second domain name that points t your primary website.

A fun tool is You type in your search name and if it isn’t available, Namemesh displays handy alternatives.

Post! Post! Post!

If you have social media accounts, posting is the only way to get the attention of your connections who are attorneys (if you’ve done your homework).  Mid-morning is a good time to post, or so the statistics say. A timesaver is to make a post then copy it to any other place you can: your other social media sites, Google MyBusiness (see Freebies), even a blog on your site if you do that.


Take advantage of free resources to market your practice. Google MyBusiness. is the secret behind that search result when you’ve typed in someone’s (precise) name. To the right of the search results is a massive box with photo, location, contact info and, most valuable of all, a place to post from time to time. Social Media. Accounts are free, you just have to set them up and begin posting (see #3 above).  Then join groups and post to get attention. Link articles on your website and you get  both a link and a chance to use imagery with contact info. Analytics. Google Analytics is a free account you can set up to track all sorts of info. about who is visiting your website. You’ll have to add a little code to your site and you might consider a tutorial, but that said, data is invaluable to adapting your website to the needs of your potential clients. Touch base with your clients. This may seem obvious but a call or email to an existing client reestablishes your relationship and puts you back on your client’s radar. It’s free and smart.
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