Why a Forensic Psychiatrist or Psychologist needs a website is probably not what you think. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for 30 years. In Med-Legal your “seekers” are attorneys. Don’t get hung up on retail websites, shopping carts, pushy sales or how-to sites.  For you, start with the perspective of the potential client, in most cases an attorney. Here’s how they use the website of a forensic expert witness, i.e. you.

1. A business card. An attorney needs a fast source of your phone number and email. (Is your site mobile-friendly? It’s not that hard. and “on the go” usually means the attorney is looking for you on a phone.)

2. Reminder: “who was that child psych expert?”…”I talked to someone about PTSD a few years back…”.

3. Education (Google gives educators preference; attorneys find out what you know and if you will be articulate to a jury. Attorneys are woefully undereducated about forensic psychology and psychiatry, and when they need you.

4. More information about your specific knowledge and practice focus to inspire them to call you. If you don’t have a website, at least get something basic (business card) if you do nothing else.

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