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How do I become a Forensic Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

How do I become a Forensic There are many answers to this and they are different depending on whether you are a psychiatrist or a psychologist.  A fellowship is the first step for a psychiatrist. For a psychologist the range covers postgraduate study, Board-Certification required training, fellowships, internships, Masters Degrees in Forensic Psychology certification programs, and it goes on. Specific colleges and universities offer degree programs in Forensic Psychology.  In Forensic Psychiatry I refer you to the AAPL site for more information.

Many other sites do a better job of answering this question than me so I will leave it to them.  It isn’t my area of knowledge.

Once you have a forensic practice and want to grow it, come back. I’ll be here! Apparently few programs offer a whit of practical advice about getting work and keeping it.

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