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Beryl Vaughan / ForensicExpertPro

Marketing and Business Consultant to Expert Witnesses and Forensic Consultants, with a special (but not exclusive) focus on Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists. I draw on a 30-year career in expert practice marketing and management, and litigation management and support.

References? Just ask. Testimonials below.

My tenure in forensic psychiatry is highlighted by a redesign and execution of a powerful marketing and business plan with elements that apply to anyone in the field. See the hard numbers below. This work was preceded by decades in legal practices as a case-wrangler and business consultant (not a lawyer) and consider myself a translator-in-chief, cross-engineered to educate lawyers about the contributions of a given forensic expert. Hundreds of attorneys have reported to me their relief when their job is made easier.

I develop strategies specific to each unique forensic practice.

I strive for an excellent outcome for all my clients.

Beryl Vaughan

Beryl Vaughan


I’m Beryl Vaughan and I’ve spent 30 years reading the minds of attorneys and the clients they serve.  Understanding this chain of needs enables me to help Expert Witnesses come into view as an informative and beneficial feature in resolving litigation.  Cases circle the negotiating table or go to Court, usually in that sequence. Whatever the strategy, everyone benefits from a more thorough understanding of what the jury will learn. Attorneys need to find Experts that can shed that light. Using that insight, I help Experts find the work they want. I’m a strategist, collaborator and problem solver.

Sanjay Adhia, M.D.

Endorsement Testimonial of Beryl Vaughan by Sanjay Adhia MD Forensic Psychiatrist

The first year Ms. Vaughan set a marketing plan and my forensic income quadrupled. My income in the first half of this year is already equal to all of 2018 and I expect my practice will continue to thrive as a result of Ms. Vaughan’s expertise. My practice can no longer be considered a side-gig.

Sanjay Adhia, M.D.

Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.

Beryl Vaughan is endorsed for 50% increase in income to Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. Forensic Psychiatrist

Ms. Vaughan tailored a marketing strategy to the needs of my clientele. Many potential clients were “pre-sold” on retaining me as a result of her techniques. My billable forensic hours increased more than 50%. She developed a highly successful website. Ms. Vaughan has unusually diverse skills and developed practice procedures which improved efficiency and results.

Stephen M. Raffle, M.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist, Stephen M. Raffle, M.D. & Associates

I work with Experts across the US. Everyone is different as are geographically-driven cases.

Experts in Mental Health fields are the majority of my clients, and the occasional financier and attorney.

Working together

I collaborate with my clients to design and execute a marketing plan to draw an efficient path from an attorney’s inquiry to the expert’s retention.

We work together closely so you can own with pride how you are perceived.

A deep commitment to develop your practice to the highest standards of professional conduct to which you must adhere

I am well aware of the ethical considerations, standards and best-practices in Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, and will only accept clients who take them as seriously as I do.

Identifying Those Most Likely to Retain You--and Getting their Attention

Together we identify who will be retaining you for forensic work. The attorney, firm, employer (FFDs, TAs), military JAG, branches of the criminal justice system. We know the people who need the services of a Forensic Psychiatrist, Psychologist or other Expert and it's a big pool. Maybe bigger than you know.

You and I tailor a message introducing you to those who will retain you. That message is delivered surgically, personally, and for maximum effect, namely to garner high interest--and calls! My techniques have been proven in the field.

Running Your Business for a Better Bottom Line

I offer a secondary and equally important skill: applying best business practices to improve the bottom line--if you get calls that don't produce income, they are useless. Income is improved when you run your business in a manner designed to build goodwill and future work with the same clients. I can teach you methods that will improve your practice's efficiency and collections, making a healthier bottom line.

Below are real results from my clients, though the specifics vary.  References gladly offered so you can learn for yourself results we achieve.


Growth in billable forensic hours and cases, maintained year after year, even if an existing client base fluctuates. These results are reported by our clients.  Whether a 20% increase in billable hours or 300%, my clients report my strategies improve results.

The People Have Spoken

Premier websites consistently outperform our those of our clients' (you) competitors, by attorney report and analysis of the data. Attorneys have given firsthand feedback about how well the site communicates about the expert and ease of use. We'll send you an example--just ask.


Ranking High

1st and 2nd page results are reported by many clients. Others get website traffic tailored for different results. (Being on page 4 is just fine if you're the very first bona fide expert in your field to be listed, following Scholarly articles and NIH abstracts.) Google, Bing and Yahoo search results from our focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. (Check out the Glossary)


We develop bios, experience profiles, and graphics. These are  developed specifically to the marketing platforms we recommend --because they are known hunting grounds where attorneys find experts.

New work, the old-fashioned way

Your existing clients can be your best resource.  We have generated repeat business from “Real World” strategies we assemble to invigorate your dormant relationships with attorneys. We work with you to make a renewed personal connection with the clients-your clients- that you aleady know.

Goodwill & Repeat Business

Repeat business, goodwill, and client loyalty is promoted by a case management system and best business practices in med-legal. This approach has been successful in our clients' ability to improve attorney relationships and work smarter.


Energized and Refreshed

Marketing results are re-energized when we respond to real-time user/client behavior data. In real life and virtual reality.  Have an existing but untouched website? My clients' updated sites have seen significantly improved results (traffic) continuously over time and can become major sources of new cases.

Internet = Lifeblood

Attorneys tell my clients (and me) firsthand: 90% of new attorney inquiries originated from the website and exposure in curated client-rich environments--for example Expert Witness Directories and a good website.

Our clients tell us the financial benefits they enjoy  from name and practice recognition supported by the free online advertising we know works.

Calls, Calls and More Calls

My clients report that the quality and volume of inquiries they receive increased at least three-fold in the first year. Of course, if they haven't been receiving any calls, or very few, the increase may make "three-fold" ridiculously low.


Sideman & Bancroft; Arnold & Porter; Dudnick, Detwiler, Rivin & Stikker, LLP; Greene, Radovsky; Shartsis Friese. Case Manager and Paralegal. Special experience in probate litigation, personal injury, estates, trusts, and tax, civil litigation, real estate, contracts.

Additional skills

Digital Photography and graphic design mastery with Photoshop. Software guru. Data-mining. Training experts for profitable use of software.  Educator.  Bona fides can be found in my CV.


BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Women’s Studies.

California State Secondary Education Teaching Credential.  San Francisco State University.

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